Book: The Horse Leads The Way

"Great information in this is like the bible of Equine Assisted Learning."

"I LOVE this book. Oh my, you did the horses such justice and finally outlined for those in the field how to go about creating partnerships with our equine facilitators."

"This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to include horses in any kind of interventions intended to benefit humans, whether for therapy, personal development or learning."

"The Horse Leads the Way provides by far the best in-depth treatment on this topic that I have ever read"

The Horse Leads The Way

Honoring The True Role Of The Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice
by Angela Dunning
With Foreword by Linda Kohanov 

This book undertakes a timely review of the field of Equine Facilitated Practice* (also referred to as 'Equine Assisted' or 'Equine Guided'). *This term incorporates all of the following modalities: Learning; Coaching; Therapy and Psychotherapy, but excludes therapeutic riding interventions.

It challenges some areas of current practice which continues to utilize the horses as mere ‘tools’ and instead puts forward an approach which honors the horses as sentient beings with immense lessons to teach all of us. This approach strongly advocates that, as practitioners, we need to develop an inter-species partnership in order to best support our equine partners and serve our clients well. This requires us to consciously embody Horse Wisdom and take the horses' needs into account every step of the way, thereby ensuring their wellbeing and enjoyment.

Written from an experiential perspective based on the author's eleven years in this field, this book is designed to generate debate about the role of the horses, encourage best practice, and suggest how this field can move forward during the 'second phase of growth' that we are presently in. Raising vital questions and concerns and suggesting ways to deepen practice and quality across the industry, it is hoped the book will stimulate debate and mark a turning point in standards. It is therefore highly recommended for those currently practicing, training providers, trainees, and anyone with an interest in this work and our evolving relationships with horses generally. 

This book outlines in-depth the key aspects of my approach, including:

  • What does it mean, in practice, to regard the horses as sentient beings, with needs, rights, choices and preferences?
  • The central importance of understanding and honouring the horses’ feedback at all times and why this is fundamental in undertaking this work.
  • The practical importance and benefits of honouring the horses' boundaries - physical, emotional and spiritual, at all times.
  • What skills, experience and qualities facilitators need to effectively deliver this work, as well as the necessity for undertaking ongoing personal development.
  • Why horsemanship, and particularly, some natural horsemanship techniques and equine facilitated practice are not necessarily compatible or even desirable partners.
  • The importance of supporting our equine partners throughout by adopting a natural approach to their health, care and wellbeing.
  • How horses are bringing nature based teachings to a wide range of people and playing a key role in returning feminine values and balancing the Masculine and Feminine. 

The second part of the book also takes a look at some of the key industry-wide issues and challenges this field presently faces, including: Training; regulation; terminology, and the boundaries between Equine Facilitated Learning, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Equine Facilitated Therapy, and other areas of concern. As well as considering more generally which horses to partner with, and suitable environments to deliver this work. 

Events and opportunities following publication:

Angela will be available for book signings, talks, training, supervision and mentoring on all of the issues covered in the book. 

In addition, she will be running CPD training courses in the following specific areas of equine facilitated practice which are covered in depth in the book:  

  • Honouring the Horse - The Horse's Choice & Voice in Equine Facilitated Practice
  • Working with the Horses' Feedback at all Times - The Foundation of your Working Partnership
  • The Crucial Role of Boundaries - yours, your client's, and the horse's
  • Somatic Skills and Awareness - Embodied Presence in Action

Find out more about these courses here.

It will also be possible to book Angela to come to you and your colleagues to deliver these training programmes both within and outside the UK.  

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Angela Dunning, Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner, Trainer, Supervisor/Mentor, and Author at Equine Reflections. Herefordshire, England. 

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The Horse Leads the Way
 has already received very positive reviews from key professionals in this industry, and comes highly recommended for all equine facilitated trainees, practitioners and training providers: 

“And then there are professionals like Angela Dunning, a practitioner who honors the horse as an intelligent, accomplished partner. Angela emphasizes that in order to help our mortal horses fully access their mythic healing abilities, we must take care of their social and emotional, as well as physical needs” Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Worldwide

“I LOVE this book. The Horse Leads the Way is a deeply significant and important book that finally outlines clearly the need to honor the horse as the lead facilitator in equine facilitated work. This book will be required reading in all my equine facilitated training programs.” Juli Lynch, Founder of EPALA

“I believe that Angela’s book is a true testament to her beliefs that we must treat our equine friends with the love and respect that they deserve and as equal partners and not simply as a ‘useful tool’. You will feel Angela’s empathy and passion on every page.” Mike Delaney, Director of LEAP

"Angela Dunning’s recent book The Horse Leads the Way, written specifically for practitioners of equine facilitated mental health, provides by far the best in-depth treatment on this topic that I have ever read. It provides a much-needed in-depth practical guide for new as well as seasoned practitioners, including many frank and insightful comments on the various trends in our industry that we have experienced over the past 25 years. Plus, it has practical exercises for clients, one's self, and horses. Well-written and timely." Trish Broersma, author of Riding into Your Mythic Life, faculty for PATH Intl Equine Specialist Certification Workshop and Skills Test, director of Riding Beyond.